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At the contest there will be 114 international awards from FIAP, PSA, GPU and GAA.

  • FIAP: 9 Special Medals
  • PSA: 27 medals: (9 Gold + 9 Silver and 9 Bronze) + 27 HM ribbons
  • GPU: 9 Gold Medals + 27 HM ribbons
  • GAA: 5 S-Ani medals + 10 Diplomas
Open Color   3+3НМ 1+3НМ
Northern Landscape   3+3НМ 1+3НМ
Arctic Landscape   3+3НМ 1+3НМ
Northern Lights   3+3НМ 1+3НМ
Arctic and Northern Wildlife   3+3НМ 1+3НМ
Polar Bear   3+3НМ 1+3НМ
Ice and Icebergs   3+3НМ 1+3НМ
Antarctica   3+3НМ 1+3НМ
Man and North   3+3НМ 1+3НМ
Jury choice 9    
TOTAL 9 27+27 HM 9+27 HM
99 Awards + 15 Special Salon Awards 


The winner in PSA Arctic and Northern Wildlife will get a trip to Finland from our partners Arctic Media comapny. Accomodation, food and wildlife safari are included in the price.